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Welcome to iDragonCity.com! Dragon City is the Facebook and iPhone game which you

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raise dragons. When you obtain higher levels you can buy more buildings and hatch higher level dragons. The game features duels, quests, and more.

There are three resources in the game. These are food, gold, and gems. Gems are very limited, and allow you to unlock more islands, trade for food, and trade for gold. You are given some gems when you sign up. Other than this, these gems are hard to get. There are only a few ways to get Dragon City Gems. To get Dragon City Gems, you can do PVP, stadium, or invite friends. These methods take too much time for a very small amount of gems. You can barely buy anything with the small amount of gems they give you. This makes many players resort to buying gems with hard earned real life money (or their parent’s hard earned money).

The Russian Dragon City Hack

I have found the solution to these “problems.” I have developed the Russian Dragon City Hack which allows you to get Unlimited Gems for free! It works by changing the values in the local proccess. When the game servers save (which is once every 2 minutes) the hacked resources are saved on your account! This means that they are not temporary, but stay on your account forever. Here are some of the features of the Dragon City Hack:

-Unlimited Gems
-Unlimited Food
-Unlimited Gold
-Unlimited Xp

The original Dragon City Hack I developed used to take over 10 minutes to work, but now it will give you your gems, food, gold and xp in less than 2 minutes! Here is a picture of it:

As you see it is very simple. All you have to do is enter the email account linked to your dragon city profile, enter the amount of food, gold, gems and xp you want, then simply press add. Your account will receive these resources within 2 minutes! This may seem too good to be true but it isn’t. It is working and 100% legitimate. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this account I hacked recently:

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You may be wondering.. is this safe? The answer is yes. No players have been banned from using it. There have been over 1000 players who have used it so far. It is safe to use it as much as you like! I have personally used it on 50 of my own accounts. None of these accounts have been banned and they still have all the resources and experience on them.

If you want to download my Dragon City Hack Tool here it is. You will be able to get anything you want in dragon city. Once you see it works and is legitimate please share with your friends!

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack

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